Optima develops sustainable capsule system with Wipf and säntis packaging

Working together with the companies Wipf and säntis packaging, Optima has developed a completely recyclable capsule system which features a single-material capsule with recyclable lid film and a compatible packaging system.

Plastic is a valuable material that whenever possible should be re-integrated into its own production cycle. The initial aim of the collaboration between Optima, Wipf and säntis packaging was to develop a fully-recyclable coffee capsule. However, the end result, the integrated “GreenLution” project, reportedly encompasses far more than recyclable coffee capsules.

“The concept ranges from the RECY+Cap from säntis featuring a polypropylene-based single material capsule, to the fully recyclable WICOGREENLINE top film from Wipf with excellent barrier properties, to being filled on a sustainably designed packaging system by Optima,” explained Ulrich Burkart and Dominik Broellochs from Optima.The packaging system is based on the Optima CFL capsule filling machine and has been adapted to suit the new capsules. The capsule system has been certified as recyclable by the cyclos-HTP institute and the environmental service provider Interseroh, and it is manufactured from polypropylene derived from biological waste.

Optima CFL combines high filling accuracy for a variety of types of coffee with minimal space requirements, optimised film utilisation, lower energy and gas consumption with maximum efficiency, and a minimum production reject rate of below 0.05%. “This also means that filling can be made as sustainable as possible,” added Burkart. Existing plants can reportedly be retrofitted at any time and optimised in terms of their productivity, material utilisation and energy consumption.

For more information, visit: www.saentis-ips.com/en/newsroom and www.wipf.ch.

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