Buxton launches new plant polyphenol infused water

Buxton launches new plant polyphenol infused water

British brand Buxton Natural Mineral Water has launched PLANT+WATER by Buxton, a plant polyphenol infused water. With the growing trend around health and wellbeing, the new product from Buxton has been created with a blend of spring water, plant polyphenols – extracted from green coffee beans – magnesium and natural fruit and herb flavours to give what the brand calls a “gentle uplift” throughout the day.

PLANT+ WATER by Buxton is available in three flavour combinations; Lemon, Lime & Sage, Pomegranate & Basil and Blood Orange & Rosemary – all of which are rolling out into 689 Boots stores across the UK this month.

As part of Buxton’s commitment that all bottles will be made from 100% recycled PET by the end of 2021, PLANT+ WATER by Buxton will be launched in recyclable bottles, made from 51% recycled PET.

Warren Plaskett, head of marketing for Nestlé Waters, said: “The team at Nestlé Research began exploring the power of plants around three years ago, predicting the growing interest and movement towards plant-based diets. At Buxton, we were looking at new ways to inspire our consumers using naturally derived ingredients that are good to drink. We saw a huge opportunity in this research into plants and accelerated this insight to create a beverage that provides more than just thirst-quenching refreshment. Our plant-infused spring water, PLANT+ WATER by Buxton, is part of an exciting trend that recognises the benefits of plants, combined with magnesium*, to provide hydration with a gentle uplift to support the active lifestyle of our consumers.”

PLANT+ WATER by Buxton is stocked exclusively in selected Boots stores nationwide for a limited time from 6 July 2020, with an RRP of £1.79 per 500ml bottle. Following that, it will available for retailers to stock more widely.

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