UpTap dispensing closure for large PET bottled water helps Blue Waters sustain sales

UpTap dispensing closure for large PET bottled water helps Blue Waters sustain sales

Blue Waters, the leading bottled water brand in the southeastern Caribbean, is seeing a maintenance in sales activity due to its eight-litre bottle with the UpTap dispensing closure.

The bottles have been found to offer ease and convenience for those stocking up on water during the Covid pandemic and wherever this package delivers convenience to consumers.

Blue Waters had been using Worldwide Dispensers’ taps for their water bottles for more than a decade and was looking for new ways to create greater value.

UpTap, a next-generation dispensing tap from Worldwide Dispensers, part of Liquibox, offered Blue Waters the opportunity to cut costs through its innovative lightweight design.

“Over the last 20 years, Blue Waters has led the family-serve and HOD bottled water category in no small part thanks to Worldwide Dispensers’ innovative 8-litre dispensing tap. Blue Waters is excited to continue leading this category for another 20 years with the advent of the more sustainable UpTap from Liquibox,” said Dominic Hadeed, owner of Blue Waters.

UpTap fits on all standard 48/41 mm bottle necks and uses 48% less plastic than its predecessor, which in turn reduces transportation costs by up to 20% due to its smaller size. As an added bonus, its minimalistic, three-piece system improves recyclability and is safer for children to use.

With UpTap, brands can provide consumers of all ages a comfortable, convenient way to stay hydrated. It dispenses easily from a horizontal position on the counter or in the fridge and enables one-handed pouring thanks to a self-closing button.

Public response to the new Blue Water dispensing tap has reportedly been very positive and enabled the brand to meet the needs of families who seek a convenient, reliable and safe source of water during uncertain times.

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