Huel targets lunchtime market

Huel targets lunchtime market

Huel is targeting time-poor, health conscious Brits looking for affordable lunchtime options with the launch of a new Hot & Savoury range of nutritionally complete warm instant-meals.

According to the makers of nutritionally balanced meals, each Hot & Savoury meal is ready in under five minutes and is made with whole food and natural ingredients, including 24 grams of plant-based protein and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Launching in two flavours, Thai Green Curry and Tomato & Herb, each 100% vegan meal costs around £2.36.

Huel said its food innovation comes as consumers are urged to eat better. Two-thirds of Brits are classed as overweight or obese, and research reveals that people with these conditions are more likely to become seriously ill from Covid-19. To add to this, a recent national survey from Huel found 49% of Brits admitted to putting on weight during lockdown due to overeating and making poor food choices.

Huel said its Hot & Savoury range is designed to give the body everything it needs, including the right nutrients and recommended calories that can be easily tailored to each customer’s needs.

Huel targets lunchtime marketHuel founder, Julian Hearn, said the business has achieved its goal of making nutritious food more accessible and more appealing for everyone: “Designed for lunchtime, we’re providing our customers with more options to consume 100% complete nutrition without having to count calories and read food labels. Huel makes lunchtime easy as the nutrition has all been done for you. It’s made with nutrient-dense quality whole food ingredients, so it’s designed to keep you feeling full with all the good stuff you need to stay healthy.”

Each pouch contains seven meals priced from £2.36 based on 400kcal servings, but has the flexibility to be tailored to whatever meal size customers choose.

The recipes are made with whole foods and natural ingredients such as quinoa, rice and lentils, these are scooped into a bowl, mixed with boiling water and ready to enjoy in under five minutes. Customers receive a reusable Huel Pot with their first purchase featuring a lockable lid that is microwave safe.

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