Bright Barley announces marketing celebration of Veganuary

Bright Barley announces marketing celebration of Veganuary

Veganuary is officially huge. Launched in 2014, the awareness month has since inspired
almost 1 million people in 192 countries (every country in the world bar Swaziland, Vatican City and Eswatini) to try veganism for January.

Its year on year growth saw a record 400,000 people signing up to the Veganuary 2020 website, with Kantar suggesting that ten times that actually participated:

  • Twice as many consumers shopped vegan in Veganuary 2020 than in December 2019 (Kantar)
  • 1 in 3 people tried vegan options, despite not officially signing up to Veganuary (Feb 2020 Worldpanel Plus LinkQ survey of 48,778 responses)
  • The plant-based meal market is worth £3.4billion, with dairy alternatives worth £520m
  • Over 650 new vegan products were launched during Veganuary 2020

Prepping for tapping the “Veganuary Effect”…

Post the health and environmental wake-up call of the pandemic and Attenborough’s Extinction: The Facts BBC shockumentary, 2021 looks set to continue breaking records. So, now is the time for the canny retailer to start preparing to tap the “Veganuary Effect” by …

  • Stocking a broad selection of vegan products
  • Capitalising on the draw of new products rampant in this innovative sector, across a period that is defined by consumer experimentation
  • Encouraging customers through the now established Veganuary branding, with a wealth of marketing and POS material available through the comprehensive Veganuary ‘toolkit’ available from

Said Toni Vernelli, head of communications at Veganuary: “Veganuary is creating a new wave
of consumers with strong ethics and a big appetite! 400,000 people signed-up to try vegan
for our 2020 campaign and 2021 is set to be even bigger. This is a real opportunity for
businesses to improve and expand their vegan offerings for the growing climate-conscious

“We’re delighted that Bright Barley has risen to this challenge – helping people to live more lightly on the earth, while still enjoying the food and drinks they love. Signing up at is a fun and empowering way to tackle this serious global threat. All of our resources are completely free, friendly and supportive – so why not do your part for the planet and give it a go!”

Bright Barley is one of the newest alternative milk brands and the only UK range of vegan
shakes to use the supergrain barley, Bright Barley’s strikingly branded, proactively marketed, ready-to-drink trio of flavoured ‘mylks,’ are an ideal Veganuary product.

Bristling with health and sustainability credentials, with a Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Coffee option to please all, Bright Barley is the perfect on-the-go attractor for experimental consumers signing up for the ‘vegan for January’ challenge. As well as bringing a wide, existing consumer base that ranges from post-workout hydration to health & wellbeing eco-choice to kids’ packed lunch indulgence.

In support of their retailers, Bright Barley will be actively spreading the word through a proactive campaign of Veganuary-focused brand awareness building, including:

  • A prolific, engaging, proactive presence across social media platforms, involving giveaways, challenges, competitions, brand partnerships and original vegan recipes created for Veganuary, featuring Bright Barley alternative milks.
  • The launch of the first animated barley grain character, shared across social media and through selected vegan Instagram influencers to promote Veganuary.
  • A targeting of UK university communities, including enlisting brand ambassadors and sponsoring Durham University’s Charity Fashion Show event in March 2021

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