AHDB encourages consumers to “Eat Balanced” and enjoy food

AHDB encourages consumers to "Eat Balanced" and enjoy food

The UK’s Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), has launched a £1.5 million “Eat Balanced” TV led advertising campaign, encouraging more British households to continue eating meat and dairy as part of a balanced diet.

The AHDB said the campaign represents a first for the meat and dairy industry as it works with stakeholders and industry partners from across the pork, beef, lamb and dairy sectors. The campaign will appear on TV, social media, digital and supermarket packaging and aims to highlight the nutritional benefits of enjoying red meat and dairy, while showcasing the UK’s world class standards in food production and sustainability.

The campaign will be built around three key messages, which the AHDB believes can become a drum beat for the industry:

  • Meat and dairy contain vitamin B12, an essential nutrient not naturally present in a vegan diet;
  • Red meat and dairy from the UK is produced to world class food and farming standards;
  • Red meat and dairy from the UK is amongst the most sustainable in the world.

A range of assets have been designed that are free to download from 4 January to promote the inclusion of red meat and dairy.

For more information, visit: weeatbalanced.com.

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