Dina Foods makes every day a pizza day with new base

Dina Foods makes every day a pizza day with new base

Image courtesy of Dina Foods

Mediterranean foods supplier Dina Foods has expanded its flagship Paninette® flatbreads range to include a Paninette® pizza base.

“The versatile new product is being launched in response to the growing demand for quick and healthy meal-time solutions, as working from home becomes the new normal”, says managing director Suheil Haddad.

The new soft-dough Paninette pizza base, baked in Dina Foods’ traditional stone ovens, can be filled, used as a wrap or topped like a pizza, and served at any time of day, especially when time is of the essence.

Suheil Haddad comments: “Savoury or sweet toppings can be added. Each member of the household can create their own bespoke pizza with toppings of their choice, which makes for an instant win across all age groups.”

“Paninette pizza bases are also perfect for authentic Lebanese pizzas, known as Manakeesh, with toppings such as thyme, sesame and olive oil mix; minced lamb (Lahm Bi Ajeen); or cheeses such as halloumi and mozzarella”, he says.

Dina Foods’ new eight-inch white-bread Paninette pizza bases are supplied in a pack of four and are vegan-friendly. Packs have a 90-day shelf life due to the modified atmospheric packaging used.

The new concept will be launching across supermarkets, convenience stores and foodservice, nationally and internationally.

As part of a launch promotion, free sachets of a za’atar herbs mix, made with dried thyme, sesame seeds, salt and sumac, will be included with the first 20,000 Paninette pizza base packets. Recipe instructions on the packaging will explain how to use the za’atar mix in a traditional Za’atar Manakeesh.

The Paninette pizza base launches with the slogan: “Fill it, wrap it or top it like a pizza.”

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