Brupac chooses Greiner Packaging for disposable yet recyclable drinks cups

Brupac chooses Greiner Packaging for disposable yet recyclable drinks cups

Due to Covid-19, the market for in-cup drinks has changed, with traditional markets such as stadiums and large venues closed. However, now that the ‘roadmap for lifting lockdown’ has been announced, there is an increasing interest for in-cup drinks in offices and catering establishments.

At a time when business owners and facilities managers have safety and hygiene at the top of their agenda, disposable in-cup drinks have many advantages. The alternative is to use crockery, spoons and containers, which can be handled by multiple people and which require collection and dishwashing. Disposable in-cup drinks packaging represents a safer, more hygienic, more cost effective and more convenient solution, according to drinks and machine company Brupac.

Brupac takes its environmental sustainability responsibility very seriously and director Tim Worthington says the company needed to know that its disposable products could be easily and efficiently recycled, which is why it chose Greiner Packaging’s K3 plastic-carboard solution.

The K3 light-weight thermoformed tub uses up to 33% less polypropylene (PP) than a conventional direct-printed, thermoformed cup of the same size. The cup is wrapped with a cardboard outer layer, which can be produced with virgin or recycled board produced from sustainably managed forests.

“Greiner Packaging made the change to a new more environmentally-friendly packaging solution really easy,” outlines Worthington. “We work with major well-known brands from Douwe Egberts and Café Direct to PG Tips and Cadbury’s, so everything about the drinking experience has to be perfect. The K3 pack keeps the ingredients safe until use and is great to drink from. It’s a huge bonus that the pack is also fully and easily recyclable – which enhances our company’s and our brand partner’s reputation.

“Until now, in respect of the recycling and end-of-life of drinks cups, RECOUP has provided an answer, but the system relies on volume, and on efficient collection. We are more confident in our sustainability position through choosing a pack that can be easily recycled by each individual end-user.

“Working with well-known brands, we are beginning to investigate opportunities to use the ability to print on the reverse of the cardboard wrap to not only communicate the recycling message, but also for brand promotions and consumer competitions. Greiner Packaging’s K3 isn’t just a step forward in terms of sustainability, it also presents a fantastic ‘free’ marketing opportunity!”

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