Linda McCartney’s announces launch of first ever plant-based drinks

Linda McCartney’s, the UK vegetarian food brand founded by meat-free pioneer Linda McCartney, has announced that it will be joining the plant based drinks category with its latest innovation. The well-loved vegetarian brand will be launching four new SKUs: Linda McCartney’s Barista Style Organic Oat, Barista Style Organic Coconut, Organic Soya and Organic Rice, available in supermarkets from May and June onwards.

Located in the chiller aisle, Linda McCartney’s new range of plant based drinks are both kind to the planet and kind to you. All varieties offer the benefit of ‘no added sugar,’ which is the number one nutritional claim desired by consumers. All products are also organic and contain between four to six ingredients, which makes them a clean option for health-conscious consumers, with no hidden ‘nasties’.

As one of the leading vegetarian food brands, and a popular choice in UK households, Linda McCartney’s is well placed to expand into this new category and continues to meet consumer demand for more plant-based alternatives. Linda McCartney’s is well-known for being synonymous with great taste, which is one of the key consumer barriers to further penetration growth in the plant based drinks category.

Whether consumers are dairy-free, vegan or simply enjoy plant based alternatives, the new products cover all usage occasions from smoothies, to coffees, baking and beyond, and provide a solution for all consumers.

The new products (RRP £1.99 each) come in 1 litre cartons which are curbside recyclable in 69% of the UK, plus 25% further coverage through ‘bring back systems.’

Nadine Maggi, managing director at Linda McCartney’s, comments: “Linda McCartney’s is incredibly excited to be entering into the plant based drinks category and a new phase for the brand. We recognise the need for versatility and variety and we feel confident that our new range of four plant based drinks offers something for everyone’s usage needs. We’re particularly looking forward to helping people with choice and we hope to become a household favourite as consumers embrace Linda McCartney at this moment. With the brand celebrating its 30th year anniversary this year it feels like the perfect moment for such a pioneering innovation.”

Find Linda McCartney’s Barista Style Organic Oat & Barista Style Organic Coconut in Tesco from 12 May for three weeks. This product will return as a permanent listing from 5 July. Then, the full range, Linda McCartney’s Barista Style Organic Oat, Barista Style Organic Coconut, Organic Soya and Organic Rice will be available in Sainsbury’s from 28 June.

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