Griffith Foods releases flavoured oil for snack production

Griffith Foods has released Infuso a natural, flavoured oil which it says will make snack production “easier and help food manufacturers in their quest for an outstanding snacking experience”.

According to Griffith, the GF innovation team have been busy creating a solution that is “brilliant in its simplicity and delivers intense, bold and can create multi flavoured profiles in a savoury snack”.

With Infuso, food makers can customise the intensity of the taste and create a unique, bold flavour profile.

Griffith Foods co-develop the right flavours together, proven by its sensory capabilities and driven by its Consumer Insights. The product range comprises flavoured oils in various flavour buckets: from green herbs, to Chili flavoured oil and even a Peking Duck style.

The standard two step seasoning process is replaced by a less complex single step application. Infuso replaces the oil that is sprayed on the snack substrate before seasoning. It can be used without disruption or extra cost as it requires a single sprayer, often already installed.

As the solution provide less and up to no dust on site, this translates in less product waste. It can be applied to a range of snacks including premium crisps, veggie extruded snacks, pop chips, breadsticks, pretzels, rice cakes, nuts, seeds and tortillas.

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