Kao Collins launches ‘InkAnswers’ for choosing inks for food packaging

Kao Collins Inc, a leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet inks, has launched “InkAnswers,” a comprehensive digital search tool that matches inks with packaging materials used in the food industry.

InkAnswers simplifies the process of identifying which inks are compatible with printhead technologies and packaging materials, including flexible packaging, foil, shrink sleeve film, and various paperboards. Low-migration inks are a growing need at a time when more companies are turning to industrial inkjet printing for marking and coding, security, and brand packaging.

Stephen Buchanan, the Kao Collins Inkjet business manager, said, “It’s the right time for InkAnswers because the number one question we hear converters asking is ‘What inkjet ink should we use for this substrate?’ There are many variables when choosing inks. It gets complicated quickly.”

Printing converters looking to expand their printing capabilities into other packaging materials can use InkAnswers to identify those substrates that can be printed with their existing printhead technology and inks.

Users of the tool can refine and filter their search based on the printing technology, substrate materials, or industry. The results feature each ink’s characteristics, benefits, and other possible substrates that could be printed with the ink.

InkAnswers offers quick results for some of the most common printing needs, such as sustainability, reducing ink migration, reducing downtime, and more.

“We are confident InkAnswers will build more awareness of industrial inkjet printing capabilities and the versatility provided by inkjet inks and technology,” Buchanan said.

Contact Kristin Adams at kadams@kaocollins.com for more information about the Kao Collins.

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