Bottle Up announces supermarket expansion with Morrisons

Bottle Up announces supermarket expansion with Morrisons

Bottle Up has announced its ongoing UK expansion with Morrisons to bring its innovative, affordable, sustainable sugar cane BPA-free pre-filled water bottles to over 300 of Morrisons stores throughout August; the retailer will sell Bottle Up’s refillable bottles at the majority of its stores by the end of 2021.

In the UK alone it has been reported that over 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles are consumed every year, with such water bottles making up over half of the plastic waste in the Thames. Whilst steps are being taken for plastic reduction in homes, Bottle Up is taking the fight one step further by actively encouraging, and giving people the opportunity to buy inexpensive reusable bottles pre-filled with spring water to revolutionise the ‘grab-and-go’ culture.

Renewable, Reusable, Recyclable and Refreshing, a recent LCA shows Bottle Up is carbon negative without compensation. Made in Wolverhampton, Bottle Up turns renewable sugar cane sourced from Brazilian grasslands into durable, sustainable packaging; the bottles are then filled locally by Elmhurst spring in Staffordshire for minimum carbon impact. A carbon neutral plant, sugar cane takes CO2 out of the air, growing with little to no irrigation. Built to last, the BPA-free filled water bottles are dishwasher safe so once empty can be reused again and again. Morrisons will stock two of Bottle Up’s reusable designs – Champaign Pink and Beau Blue.

Andrew Eversden, Bottle Up co-founder says of the partnership: “We’re thrilled to be expanding our mission to offer reusable alternatives to single-use Grab & Go water. We’re pleased Morrisons is adding a sustainable and refillable option to their water range – a supermarket category dominated by single-use cans, bottles and tetra packs. The sustainable, conscious shopper should be given a choice when buying water on the go and Bottle Up are delighted to now sell products in Morrisons to offer this option for their customers.”

Alongside the distribution of the sugar cane BPA-free filled water bottles, Bottle Up has joined forces with clean water foundation Made Blue to contribute 100 litres of safe drinking water for every bottle sold. In 2020 alone Bottle Up donated over 8 million litres of clean, safe drinking water to developing countries all over the world.

Since its successful launch in 2019, Bottle Up is now widely available across the UK in WH Smith and online through Holland & Barrett. WH Smith made Bottle Up its hero brand for 2020 as it is one of the most sustainable brands within its category. From August 2021, Bottle Up will also be available in Universities across the country including Portsmouth, Keele and Imperial College, and Amazon and LinkedIn head offices in London.

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