Ecor International presents new OperaPrima pizza doughs

OperaPrima from Ecor International, the first and only automatic pizza shaper with a patented cold processing system, is completing its offer with the raw material: pizza dough.

OperaPrima offers its special doughs, specially made to allow all pizzaioli to make the typical Italian pizza: classic, Neapolitan, or Roman. The four different types of rolls are classic, whole wheat, organic and Kamut.

The classic dough is made of soft wheat flour type ‘0’ coming from selected grains, 100% from Italy and stone milled. The single package preserves freshness and avoids oxidation, the pizza is rich in flavour, fragrant and easy to digest.

The whole wheat dough is made from an exclusive blend of 100% Italian stone-ground wheat flour. This product is obtained with traditional manufacturing processes that do not alter its organoleptic properties, contains all the nutritional values of the cereal and has a lower gluten content compared to 00 flour (equal weight).

The organic dough is the result of an exclusive selection of 100% Italian stone-ground soft wheat flours. The greater presence of dietary fibre and the corresponding lower amount of carbohydrates, compared to refined flour, allow the creation of pizzas easier to digest and with a lower glycaemic index.

Kamut dough is characterized by the presence of mineral salts such as magnesium, selenium, sodium and zinc, proteins, and vitamins. Kamut pizza, compared to the ones made with other flours, is more digestible and tolerable for those who suffer from allergies.

According to the company, the doughs are easy to use and immediately ready to roll out because they are already leavened. This allows considerable savings in time, work and raw materials (in addition to the savings made by OperaPrima), using a high-quality product.

To preserve all their natural characteristics, the doughs are not frozen but hibernated.

This procedure was chosen not to interrupt fermentation, which is only paused, allowing the yeasts contained in the dough not to die when the storage temperature is reached (-20°C), but to go into standby and resume leavening with vitality, once the doughs reach the temperature of use.

In addition, thanks to the individual packaging, the originality of the fresh dough roll is not altered: this is how the pizza dough maintains its characteristic aromatic profile and responds to automatic handling, just like fresh dough.

The freshness-saving packaging preserves the fragrance, eliminates waste and avoids oxidation that forms an annoying ‘skin’ on the surface, according to OperaPrima.

Each roll weighs from 230 to 630 grams, with the possibility of having a personalised weight.

Lastly, by exploiting the real-time monitoring system of the working conditions, it is possible to download the data collected by the pizza shaper (e.g. the number of doughs spread during a period of time, the sizes of the pizza base, the opening parameters set) to check which are the main characteristics of the pizzas, thus optimizing the process to optimize the activities of the pizzeria.

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