Weber Weslice now available from Interfood

The Weber weSLICE 9500 is the latest addition to the slicing portfolio at Interfood.

Designed specifically to meet the slicing challenges of today, the machine provides increased efficiency and higher capacities for even the most demanding products.

With the latest Weber DirectDrive technology, all products are fed and supported independently during the slicing process, meaning even delicate products are handled with great care and control.

The weSLICE 9500 comes equipped with the latest blade head and blade technology, utilising the Weber Durablade Performance involute blade system which gives the ultimate slicing presentation and accuracy.

All blades are manufactured and developed by Weber. The latest flagship slicer, the weSLICE 9500 additionally features Vario technology, contributing to its exceptional performance.

When Weber vacuum gripper technology is used on suitable products, yield recovery opportunity increases even further, as end pieces can be reduced by more than half. When all of this is used in conjunction with the Weber LED or X-ray scanning technology, this can result in almost 100% weight-accuracy and zero give-away.

The new slicer is also Weber’s most ergonomic and user-friendly to date. It Includes the new tool-free quick-change system for product grippers and cutting edges. The state-of-the-art hygienic design of the machine allows for easier cleaning and maintenance, with improved access and easier removal belts/conveyors.

In combination with other components from the Weber range, that can be seamlessly integrated and complement or enhance performance – such as the wePRESS for forming of irregular products ie bacon; automation such as the wePICK pick robot, or weLOAD infeeding systems, and the wePACK thermoformer – the weSLICE 9500’s potential can be completely unlocked as part of a Weber whole-line solution. The slicer can optimise line speed to ensure an even transport of portions, or automatically increase or decrease the speed of subsequent components.

The line’s ability to self-optimise therefore leads to an overall increase in production quality and efficiency. With Weber OneControl, all Weber components as part of a whole line can be controlled from any HMI (human-machine Iinterface).

Commenting on the launch, Tom Foran, divisional manager of Interfood Slicing, said the business constantly considers how advances in technology can help to improve slicing performance.

“Weber are always happy to listen to feedback from our customers and the realities of their processing facilities,” Foran said. “This slicer pushes the boundaries with what’s possible across a range of applications. We look forward to demonstrating the slicer’s capabilities to our customers and helping them overcome their challenges in production.”



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