Brook + Whittle launches recyclable light-blocking shrink sleeve

Brook + Whittle has announced the launch of GreenLabel BlockOut, a recyclable light-blocking shrink sleeve.

The American firm said the patent-pending solution helps brands transition from glass and hard-to-recycle plastics to clear PET packaging, protecting the contents with a proprietary light-blocking coating. The shrink sleeve also works with the current recycling system to maximise recyclability without polluting the recycling stream.

With the current use of plastic packaging showing no signs of decreasing, brands are looking for solutions that help them eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic in their packaging and ensure recyclability.

This transition has been difficult in the dairy, beverage, and nutraceutical markets. In these markets, packaging must protect the product from light exposure and potential spoiling. As a result, brands typically package these products in HDPE, PP, or dark-coloured PET. While these plastics are recyclable, clear PET plastic has a lower carbon footprint, can be recycled multiple times and is much more widely accepted by recyclers.

“At Brook + Whittle, we believe great packaging balances aesthetics, performance, cost, and sustainability,” said Tyler Matusevich, director, sustainability. “This solution does just that. It delivers the same sleek look and feel as traditional shrink sleeves but allows brands to choose more recyclable packaging. Better still, our customers should expect savings on their total package by switching to clear PET with our recyclable BlockOut solution.”

“This launch is long-awaited for our company and our customers. It’s yet another example of how Brook + Whittle is moving brands toward peak performance while driving our industry toward sustainability,” said Daryl Northcott, executive vice president.

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