Hygienic zoning app for food production environments

Vikan, a provider of clclip_image002eaning tools, has introduced a Hygienic Zone Planner, a visual self-auditing tool and checklist for managing HACCP-compliant segregated food production environments.

Populating this new app with specific constraints and requirements during a site visit by Vikan’s team produces a visual picture of the factory divided into distinct zones and promptly provides a plan for colour coding the premises and a list of cleaning tools for use by both production staff and purchasing departments. Colour coding has been shown to be an effective method of reducing the risk of transferring micro-organisms or allergens between production areas through cleaning tools, and the whole site approach to colour coding enhances the visibility of quality and performance standards within the factory for visitors and auditors. This leads to increased product safety as well as greater customer confidence and loyalty.

Companies using the product receive a certificate as further visible evidence that the company is in control of its hygiene and cleaning performance.

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