Roquette’s new line of organic pea ingredients addresses traceability

Roquette has announced today the launch of a new line of organic pea ingredients: organic pea starch and organic pea protein.

These ingredients are produced at its plant in Portage la Prairie (MB, Canada) and supported by peas sourced in a network of organic pea growers from Canada.

Roquette said it enables its customers to choose the food they want to offer to consumers with quality, reliability and full traceability back to the farm.

The global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins is supporting the launch by saying a “food revolution is underway” that is changing how people eat: 30% of global consumers report having increased their consumption of organic products over the past 12 months, especially millennials. Organic products are part of this revolution, driven by consumer demand for more natural and nutritious products (sources: Innova Health and Nutrition Surveys 2020 and 2021).

The growth is particularly noticeable in regions such as North America and Western Europe, accounting for more than 80% of the total organic food and beverage markets (source: Euromonitor, Passport 2022).

Roquette said its close partnership with pea growers, combined with a state-of-the-art plant designed for organic ingredient production, establishes a strong position to be the best partner for customers of the whole value chain.

According to Jeremy Burks, senior vice president of Plant Proteins at Roquette: “From America to Europe, from the field to the plate, we want to provide trusted origin organic ingredients, and farmers are an essential piece of this organic strategy. We know from which farm our organic pea comes from as we are involved all throughout the value chain. This new organic pea line is a milestone of the food revolution to which Roquette is so committed.”

The new line of organic pea protein isolate comes in addition to the already available Nutralys organic textured proteins in EU and US markets.

“Our teams created these great products based on consumer needs by leveraging our longstanding expertise in plant proteins and peas. This launch, just five months after Nutralys organic textured protein, reflects Roquette’s ambition to speed up innovation to keep pace with new consumer trends and to continue to be the partner of choice for customers who share our passion for plant-based cuisine,” said Jeremy Burks.

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