Moju launches limited edition Monster Pickle Shot

Moju launches limited edition Monster Pickle Shot

Fitness fanatics have noticed the power of pickle juice taking effect when it comes to training longevity and recovery. Image: Moju

MOJU is launching a new limited edition beverage – the Monster Pickle Shot.

Demonstrating the brand’s willingness to experiment and be at the forefront of the functional beverage sector, the company said the latest launch speaks to emerging natural electrolyte trends by harnessing the power of pickles. A movement which, Moju said, is set to “dominate” the global health and wellbeing sector over the coming year. This salty beverage is already making waves in the nutritional category in the US, gaining significant traction among athletes thanks to its functional benefits, according to the company. 

The limited edition, cold-pressed shot is packed full of electrolytes, known for aiding muscle recovery, during and post-workout. Brewed using fresh pickles from UK’s ‘The Pickle House’ company, the shot has a unique, fruity yet salty favour. With 263 mg of natural electrolytes per shot, it feeds your body exactly what it’s craving during your workout.

Fitness fanatics have noticed the power of pickle juice really taking effect, especially when it comes to training longevity and recovery, making the juice the latest training drink of choice.

This is backed up by studies that have proven pickle juice works better than water for reducing muscle cramps. Moju has been a leader in the gut health sphere, making pickle juice an obvious choice for its latest limited edition. Moju has harnessed the pickle fever to create a product that is achieving cult status, supporting Moju’s position as the market leader in the functional drinks sector.

Moju co-founder Rich Goldsmith said the brand is constantly looking to find new ways to make better health accessible to the masses.

“We strive to make simple healthy choices part of consumers’ every day routine and with that, products that can be used efficiently – ultimately providing beneficial results,” Goldsmith noted. “Looking after your body needn’t be a chore when one can digest powerful ingredients within a delicious and compact shot.”

The shot provides a natural alternative to fizzy tablets and sachets while packing flavour and thirst-quenching properties into a 263mg shot.

Ross Austen, nutrition and research lead at Moju said based on their popularity in the US, and the growing demand for whole food nutrition, pickles are an ingredient sports teams have been approaching Moju for, for some time.

“Packed with natural electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, the pickle brine helps minimise muscle cramping and aids rehydration faster than consuming just water,” he explained. “This makes it ideal for active individuals as it offers a way to replenish electrolytes that are lost through sweat and help maintain performance.”

For a limited time only, the Moju Monster Shot is available to purchase from 31st October online at £19.75 for 12 x 60ml

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