Recycling first for Rachel’s

Organic dairy brand Rachel’s says it is the first ever yogurt producer to use recycled plastic in its yogurt pots.

Until recently, the plastic inner pot was made of polystyrene but it is now made of 60 per cent recycled PET, known as r-PET.
“Using recycled plastic saves energy and so reduces the carbon footprint of our pot. It also reduces consumption of finite oil resources from which new plastic is made, says Steve Clarke, Rachel’s marketing director.“By making the switch to r-PET we will save up to 210 tonnes of plastic per year. Better still, we are using materials that might otherwise end up in landfill.

Every 1 tonne of r-PET used saves approx 1.5 tonnes of Carbon and by using 60% r-PET the carbon footprint of the new pots is reduced by approx 30%.

As well as the benefits of using recycled plastic, the new inner pot and over-cap are also fully recyclable.

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