Pinter in partnership with The Yeastie Boys’

Pinter in partnership with The Yeastie Boys'

Pinter, Brightpearl's Fastest Growing Online Retailer 2022 and gold medal winner of the 2022 World Beer Awards, has partnered with Yeastie Boys' brewery to reimagine their flagship beer, "Bigmouth", that can now be brewed at home using the Pinter.

Pinter has partnered with Yeastie Boys’ brewery to reimagine its flagship beer, “Bigmouth”, that can now be brewed at home using the Pinter.

Pinter, the Walthamstow-based beer brewing brand, is on a mission to transform the way people think about beer and how it’s brewed. This is Pinter’s first partnership of its kind, reflecting the company’s fast growth since its founding in 2020.

“This partnership is built on two companies who love breaking new ground. Innovation and product development are really the beating heart of what we do, so this was always a natural step. We couldn’t be more excited about what this means for the future,” said Ralph Broadbent, co-founder and CEO of Pinter.

The collaboration has given customers a taste of an original, globally renowned New Zealand flavour that can be easily brewed at home.

The two beer capitals have crafted “Bigmouth Remixed,” a recipe inspired by the Yeastie Boys’ original pale, unfiltered, and flavourful “Bigmouth” IPA, but reimagined with the Pinter.

“Bigmouth Remixed” defies tradition by encouraging a sociable, at-home brewing experience and spreading the message that customers can enjoy internationally known, fresh beer flavours at home, as well as in the pub.

Pinter is eager to replicate this business model with other brands in the coming years, boosting the range of popular beer styles readily available to customers.

The Yeastie Boys, founded in 2008, and distributed exclusively throughout the UK by KBE Drinks is known for award-winning craft beers. Brewing in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, Yeastie Boys has continued to pursue its original goal of “bringing deliciously irreverent beer into the light”.

Long before Yeastie Boys was created, founder Stu Mckinlay has always been a passionate member of the homebrewing community and even set up the first New Zealand Home Brewing Awards.

“Remembering my roots I have always considered Yeastie Boys beers to be somewhat ‘open source’ and I’m only too happy to help homebrewers to recreate them. The Pinter system is a really exciting advance in homebrewing and we’re proud to have Bigmouth available on it,” said  Stu Mckinlay, founder of Yeastie Boys.

“We want people brewing and drinking amazing beer at home. We know that people want the opportunity to brew beers they know and love-but have that added feeling of pride that can only come with brewing your own beer,” Ralph added. “To start that journey with Yeastie Boys is perfect and the start of something special.”

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