Rebel Wine – an inspired Christmas gift

Consumers looking to give an inspired and unusual stocking present this Christmas should venture no further than Rebel Wine has the answer with its CBD infused wine in a can.

With eye-catching designs, perfect stocking sized 3 can gift tube and delicious taste they will be an ideal gift for every adult in the family.

This is wine that can help with Granny’s arthritis, Mum’s insomnia or your brother’s sporting aches and pains. Rebel Wine infuses 10mg of organic CBD in every 200ml can. Using award winning wine from South Africa and France, each can contains the equivalent of a large glass of wine. Rebel Wine is available in Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé. There are also two spritzers, called Skinny Rebel due to their low alcohol and calorie content.

All Rebel Wines are 100% vegan. Rebel wine is the UK’s first and only CBD infused wine. It is listed on the FSA Novel Food list of CBD products. Only items on this list can be legally sold in the UK. They have met the necessary testing requirements, to ensure they comply with UK food safety rules.

Rupert St Aubyn, founder of Rebel Wine said: “Our Rebel Wine 3 Can Gift Packs make the perfect stocking filler. It is a lovely way to introduce CBD to friends and family. Stand out wine combined with the highest quality CBD makes everyone want to drink it again and again.”

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