Holmach introduces Lyco Manufacturing’s Mini Flex Chill-Flow Cooler to the UK and Eire market

Holmach is to launch Lyco Manufacturing Mini Flex Chill-Flow Cooler for the rapid cooling of single serve sachets through to large food service pouches after drawing up a deal to introduce the solution to UK markets.

Lyco Manufacturing’s talented engineers pride themselves in developing new innovations that address real world problems.

Using 80% less water and energy compared to traditional tumble chillers and being available in the smaller 2.4 metre and 3.6 metre sizes, Lyco has actively addressed the challenges of maximising production levels and minimising environmental impact, alongside restrictions on factory square footage.

Water usage is a prime consideration for manufacturers from both a cost and sustainability perspective, with traditional tumble chillers dumping water after every batch. The Mini Flex Chill-Flow design can hold the water for as much as a week resulting in lower water usage and lower energy costs, whilst achieving industry leading cooling times following the hot fill of soups, sauces, condiments and pouched meals.

Patented technology ensures a uniform cooling process that’s up to twice as fast as other systems. As pouches proceed through the rotary drum cooler they are totally submerged in water, being gently stirred and massaged.

The Hydro Flow agitation system gentle agitation ensures packaging integrity whilst cooling to the core of the pouch. This first in first out process achieving cooling levels of 4.4oC can be managed in various modes including batch, continuous and oscillating.

Completing the design that’s been led by feedback from manufacturers, a 2-way flip top enables efficient cleaning and inspection, ensuring maximum uptime on the line.

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