Maspex first to offer SIG’s domeTwist closure with tethered cap

One of the largest food manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe becomes the first to offer SIG’s domeTwist closure with tethered cap (domeTwist TC) for SIG’s unique carton bottle combidome.

By continuing its close partnership with SIG, Maspex Wadowice Group sees this as an important step forward on its sustainability roadmap, as it leads the way in adding innovative solutions to its juice ranges.

The company recently launched its Tymbark Vega juices in combidome 500 ml with domeTwist TC, followed by Tymbark juice in 1,000 ml combidome with tethered cap. The retail launch by Maspex comes well ahead of the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive, which states that all single-use beverage containers must come with caps that stay attached to the pack by July 2024, so they can be easily disposed of and recycled with the rest of the pack.

SIG’s domeTwist closure with tethered cap does not compromise on convenience for consumers and is compatible with SIG’s existing filling lines and closure applicators, demonstrating the true flexibility and adaptability of SIG’s packaging and filling solutions for customers at minimum cost.

This provides maximum planning and investment security for European beverage producers such as Maspex, who must comply with the EU’s regulatory requirements.

Karina Ostatek, senior marketing manager Nordics, Poland & Ukraine at SIG said: “Maspex is committed to continuously improving their production technologies and product ranges to find optimal and environmentally conscious solutions. Being the first worldwide to use SIG’s domeTwist with tethered cap on the Tymbark juice ranges in the unique combidome carton bottle, means they are offering increasingly environmentally aware consumers the opportunity to play their part in minimizing plastic waste leakage into the environment.”

SIG’s domeTwist TC closure can be firmly fixed to the desired position by pressing it down to the top of the pack until it gets into its ‘parking mode’. The cap doesn’t have to be held down and the consumer can easily pour and drink from the carton without any cap interference. For closing, the cap just needs to be lifted slightly before being closed the usual way. Tethering even adds convenience, as the closure is always at hand and never gets lost. High consumer acceptance for both drinking and pouring is already market research proven.

Karina Ostatek added: “It’s not only consumers who are becoming more environmentally conscious, but also retailers. Customers such as Maspex are facing increased demand for sustainable packaging from European regulators, especially where single use plastic is concerned. Both Maspex and SIG, by working closely together, are staying one step ahead of legislation, as we both strive to make our products even more sustainable.”

SIG’s domeTwist closure with tethered cap for combidome is one of three closure innovations for SIG’s most popular packs in Europe. Additionally, combiSwift and combiMaxx closures with tethered cap are also available for SIG’s family-size carton packs.

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