CO2 Sustain set to sparkle in North America in 2023

Leeds-based beverage additive manufacturer CO2Sustain is to launch into the North American market in 2023 using its existing success with leading carbonated drinks manufacturers and bottlers in over 50 countries across four continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

CO2Sustain recently achieved GRAS approval (Generally Regarded As Safe), providing a green light for entry into the US market.

The company’s patented technology is a tasteless, preservative-free liquid additive which offers multiple benefits for consumers, manufacturers, and bottlers alike. According to the company, it causes less foaming on pouring and keeps drinks fizzier for longer, thereby enhancing the consumer experience – this is of particular interest in warmer climates (where COloss is even harder to control, yet where PET-bottled drinks are in the highest demand). It adds around four weeks to the shelf life of carbonated drinks in PET bottles and allows manufacturers to use 12.5% less CO2 with no noticeable impact – crucial at a time of CO2 shortages.

Manufacturers can also use lighter-weight PET with no additional CO2 leaching, cut energy costs in production, transport and refrigeration and boost production efficiency thanks to improved filling, increased yields, and fewer rejects while offering a wide range of environmental benefits.

The product is suitable for all non-alcoholic fizzy drinks, and can be used with any type of sweetener. It is suitable for PET and glass bottles, cans and post-mix dispensing.

CO2Sustain will be recruiting for its US-based sales team over the coming weeks.

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