New EcoTec label line for eco-friendly product labelling

DTM Print will present its new EcoTec Line of eco-friendly and sustainable label material at Natural & Organic Products Europe in London, 16-17 April 2023.

The international OEM and solution provider for specialty printing systems is located at stand # T21.

The EcoTec Line of label materials is part of the ‘Genuine DTM Label Stock’ brand and includes as of now following four different label substates:

  1. DTM EcoTec Hemp Paper: This label consists of 100% hemp fibre. Hemp can be harvested up to three times a year, grows up to 4 metres per year. Thanks to its fibres, which are five times longer than wood pulp, the material is particularly tear-resistant and can be recycled very often.
  2. DTM EcoTec Paper Matte Nature: This paper label is made from 100% recycled backing from used label rolls.
  3. DTM EcoTec Poly Clear Gloss: It’s a glossy clear poly label which consists of 90% PCR (post consumer recycling) material but comes with the same features of the common glossy polyester labels.
  4. DTM EcoTec Grass Paper: The natural grass fibres of the label give the paper material its unique, natural look. It is suitable for high-resolution and high-speed dye based and pigmented inkjet printing. The adhesive is an acrylic dispersion, permanent, solvent free and can be in direct food contact according to EU regulation No 10/2011.

“To produce exceptional product labels for all kinds of applications you not only need advanced print technology as integrated in our colour label printers but you also need high-quality material,” explains Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of DTM Print. “Every product leaves its footprint and using label material that is environmentally friendly and sustainable is the smart thing to do in order to save our planet.”

Labels are a crucial part of any packaging. They have a strong impact on the purchasing process of consumers by drawing attention to a product, either because of a special shape, structure or material, a certain colouring, photo-realistic printing or special metallic highlights. In addition, labels contain plenty of information such as ingredients and allergens that can influence consumers to buy a product or look for an alternative.

There are so many different label materials available that manufacturers and producers can choose from that fits their requirements and needs. Another important aspect is how sustainable the product label is. Fortunately, the packaging industry sees a shift to packaging that is sustainable and therefor supports the message of organic and natural products.

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