Unigen’s branded ingredients now available in Europe

Lehvoss Nutrition has announced a new partnership with Unigen, a US based manufacturer who offer scientifically proven plant-based blends, using ingredients from nature, that are carefully researched.

Their systematic approach, from raw material, to production, to final product release, ensures efficacy and scientifically proven benefits.

Our portfolio currently offers three ingredients (Univestin, Attenutin and Anivestin) which are unique formulations that were discovered and developed through Unigen’s proprietary Phytologix Technology Platform. This is a database containing comprehensive botanical profiles on over 12,000 plants and more than 15,000 extracts.

Unigen scientists used these profiles to identify plants whose actives delivered the most effective health benefits:

  • Univestin for fast-acting joint support.
  • Attenutin for respiratory health support.
  • Anivestin for joints discomfort and oral health in companion animals.

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