Bakers Basco drives equipment attrition rates down in grocery

Better cross-team collaboration and education with bakery stakeholders has helped Bakers Basco report marked improvements in attrition rates across its bread baskets and dollies.

The latest statistics show that the attrition rate for baskets has fallen 0.82% year-on-year by the end of February 2023, while the attrition rate for its dolly equipment has improved by 1.80%. At the same time, calls to the Bakers Basco helpline to report backlogs of all managed equipment have reduced 58% year-on-year; 53% for Omega baskets specifically.

Paul Empson, general manager at Bakers Basco, says that the improvements have been reported across the board as a result of more streamlined collaboration between its operations and investigations teams. It’s also the result of better education initiatives with key players in the bakery supply chain to ensure that they understand what to do with equipment and how to report any issues.

Regular equipment audits and driver briefings, for example, take place regularly across all shareholders’ sites to raise awareness of Bakers Basco’s work from both an operational and recovery perspective. By engaging directly with the drivers, who often work on different shifts and different routes from one day to the next, the effort is intended to encourage drivers to step up and help support the Bakers Basco’s operations and recovery process.

“Over the last year, we’ve vastly expanded into new markets and industries to raise awareness and educate key stakeholders through a range of new measures and initiatives, and we’ve upped the ante with our PR campaigns,” says Empson.

“As a result, the whole collection process is more connected and is working more efficiently. It also comes down to taking a more measured approach across all aspects of our day-to-day business – and it’s encouraging to see this is all having a positive impact on being able to bring those all-important attrition rates down.”

Bakers Basco equipment is designed for the sole purpose of transporting bread. Over the past few years, Bakers Basco has significantly stepped up its investment in technology by introducing GPS tracking devices across its bakery equipment pool to track and monitor the daily movements of its equipment more closely. This, along with a public awareness campaign to encourage the general public and specific industries to report any instances of misuse or abuse, is proving that these efforts are working.

Bakers Basco is the membership scheme set up by Allied Bakeries, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, Hovis and Warburtons to manage an industry wide bakery equipment.

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