SPAR launches new craft beer concept in collaboration with suppliers

SPAR launches new craft beer concept in collaboration with suppliers

Customers can experience a brand new beer concept, which offers a wider range and makes it more inspiring to buy beer.

Supermarket chain SPAR, which is part of the food group Dagrofa, has introduced a new craft beer concept to make it easier for customers to explore the “beer universe”.

The initiative has been prepared in collaboration with Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew, where the former has been the “lead” on the project.

As part of the launch, the craft beer concept includes an online universe on, where customers can learn more about beer, the history of beer and learn about the different types of beer.

“We have seen growth in the craft beer market in the last few years, so it makes sense that SPAR jumps on the wave and takes part in the growth. The new concept will improve the customer experience and attract customers who do not normally spend time in the beer department when shopping. We have invested more than DKK 3 million in the project and we look forward to sharing the new beer universe with our customers”, says commercial manager at SPAR, Min Købmand and Let Køb, Kim Scheuer.

SPAR employees will also receive training on the new concept and craft beer in general to advise customers.

“Without a strong collaboration between the chain, merchants and our partners – Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew – it would not be possible to reach the goal of such a comprehensive project. With a new marketing platform in the catalogue and an even more competent staff that can guide customers, I am sure that SPAR can keep up with the increasing demand for craft beer”, says category manager for beer, Morten Skov.

A specialty beer department has been set up in SPAR stores, which divides the beers into new taste profiles. SPAR says this development makes it easier for customers to find their favourite craft beer. After a short test period in the first four SPAR stores, sales of specialty and foreign beers have grown by approximately 11% and the stores’ specialty beer share has increased by 2.8%.

The concept has just been rolled out in all the country’s SPAR stores.

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