interpack 2023: Claranor adds UV-C technology to product portfolio

For 2023, Claranor is offering dairy, food and beverage manufacturers chemical-free decontamination solutions by adding conventional UV-C to its portfolio.

After more than 10 UV-C pieces of equipment successfully delivered, Claranor officially launches conventional UV-C decontamination solutions.
The company said it is bringing several advantages to the market including:

  • Objectivity by offering the most suitable technology, considering a customer’s requirements – be that line speed, microbial efficiency, compacity, budget.
  • Expertise in decontamination: Claranor is an expert in decontamination, whatever technology is used, which is not the case of UV-C lamps specialists.
  • Agility: Claranor offers adapted solutions with full awareness of constraints, and not a cassette with one or two standard sizes. Claranor can design, manufacture, integrate equipment to existing lines with full adaptation.
  • Innovation: Claranor will implement its engineering power into new projects which suppliers of UV-C lamps cannot design

Claranor offers producers and OEM efficiency and industrial expertise in the choice of non-chemical decontamination solutions for their production lines given its background. In 2004, Claranor’s founder anticipates the need of avoiding chemicals in the food industry and offers “the light that purifies”.

After several years of R&D, Claranor focuses on the packaging decontamination, with the promise of a process showing proven microbiological efficiency, chemical free, compact, cost efficient, with low
energy consumption. The track record is now >500 units installed in >50 countries, and a strong experience gathered by a well-established pluri-disciplinary team of microbiologists, engineers, field
technicians, project managers, customer service staff, and all related support, 40 people in total.

Claranor now offers decontamination solutions for almost every kind of packaging: cap, sport cap, cup, tray, bucket and lid, film and, more recently on metal cans.

During that time, Claranor had to often compete against conventional UVC technologies. Claranor lab and the associate scientific lab of INRAE performed a huge load of work to compare UVC and Pulsed Light, evaluate the difference in sterilising efficiency, and get awareness on costs.

In 2020, customers asked Claranor to offer UVC systems, understanding that all abilities were present in the company to offer, design, manufacture, install, start-up them and assess their  decontamination performance.

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