Momo Kombucha refreshes brand and collaborates with Caravan Coffee Roasters

With a mission to produce the best tasting and highest quality kombucha, Momo has launched a brand refresh, unveiling a new simplified bottle design and resealable cap, as well as a first-of-its-kind launch, Momo X Caravan Gesha Coffee Kombucha.

With an RRP of £4.50 per 330ml bottle and made in partnership with Caravan Coffee Roasters, the drink is available from the 24th April from Selfridges, select independent retailers and Caravan Restaurants and Brewbars.

Momo’s unfiltered organic kombucha blends with Caravan’s cold brew Gesha coffee, resulting in a complex blend with an entirely new flavour profile that is unexpected but delicious; think rich caramel, ripe strawberry and red apple, rounded out with a tart kombucha hit. If you’ve ever tried cold brew and tonic, it’s very reminiscent of that fruity, zesty drink with its rich coffee aroma.

The coffee used is a natural Gesha variety from Finca El Fenix, an experimental farm and community wet mill in Quindío, Colombia. The farm is owned and operated by Raw Material, a social enterprise importer who work on the ground with coffee farmers to improve livelihoods through transparent and fair coffee sourcing.

In 2016, Caravan donated funds to Raw Material to help build Finca El Fenix, including the construction of their wet mill as well as planting several lots of rare varieties of coffee trees. From those trees, the Gesha coffee beans used to make Momo x Caravan Gesha Coffee Kombucha were grown, which were then processed at the El Fenix wet mill in the natural style, before being roasted and cold-brewed in Caravan’s North London roastery.

Gesha is one of the world’s rarest and most sought-after coffee varieties, with a distinctive fruity and floral flavour profile. According to Caravan Roasters, the natural-style processing of this particular lot accentuates the coffee’s sweetness and fruit notes. To preserve the delicate flavours and juicy acidity of the coffee, a specially developed “hot-bloom” cold brew method was used. The result is a bright and fruity coffee with floral notes that combine perfectly with the tart kombucha.

Laura Harper-Hinton, Caravan Coffee Roasters founder and CEO says the company is “absolutely thrilled” with the collaboration on a coffee kombucha, with herself and others being “big kombucha fans”.

“We put a lot of thought into which coffee would work for this, as we thought the average coffee would get lost, but this Gesha is no average coffee, with rich caramel & bright red fruits, it works perfectly with the refreshing, tart qualities of the kombucha. A great example of how coffee can be used in wonderful ways,” Harper-Hinton adds.

Josh Puddle, Momo Kombucha co-founder adds: “We are so grateful to have partnered with Caravan and to have been able to combine their expertly roasted Colombian Gesha with our kombucha. The result has really surpassed our expectations, with the kombucha amplifying the fruity notes of the Gesha. We’re happy to be supporting Project Waterfall through this partnership, a fantastic organisation working hard to provide access to clean water and sanitation in the countries and communities that grow coffee around the world.”

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