Crosta & Mollica creates its first gluten-free pizza

Crosta & Mollica is again extending its popular pizza portfolio with the launch of its first gluten-free Margherita Pizza, available to purchase exclusively from Ocado from 3rd May, RRP £5.00, 355g.

With the gluten-free market currently worth an estimated £835 million per year, and remaining on a growth trajectory, according to the self-described modern Italian brand, which recognises the category’s importance within the food industry, leading to the creation of its first gluten-free pizza.

The brand believes the secret to a good pizza always starts with the base and, for too long, gluten-free options have been found wanting.

Foregoing substitutes and imitations, Crosta & Mollica’s gluten-free base uses proper wheat flour, extracting the gluten to make it suitable for coeliac diets. The dough is slow-proved, creating an open crumb structure for a gratifying crunch, making the gluten-free alternative almost indistinguishable from a traditional pizza. With no compromise on taste or quality, the gluten-free pizza base is topped with Crosta & Mollica’s classic tomato sauce, mozzarella and Sicilian oregano and sprinkled with a vegetarian cheese.

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