Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers create recyclable, grease-resistant paper

A joint development partnership between Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers has led to the presentation of two recyclable paper solutions as brands seek more sustainable packaging options.

The two companies said new coating technologies for fibre-based packaging are unlocking the full potential of paper.

Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers said the development pushes the performance of barrier papers to an “unsurpassed” level of grease resistance – offering a heat-sealable alternative to conventional plastic packaging.

By combining Henkel coatings with UPM packaging papers, the combined solutions provide fully recyclable alternatives for food applications.

At a dedicated Happy Hour at UPM Specialty Papers’ Interpack stand, experts from Henkel and UPM presented a solution delivering heat sealability using Henkel’s Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE with UPM AsendoTM 90 g/m2 paper and a solution that combined barrier coating Aquence EPIX BC 6134 and UPM AsendoTM Pro 90 g/m2 paper to deliver barrier properties against grease alongside heat sealability.

The jointly developed creations ensure that these vital characteristics for packaging food items can be provided using paper.

Henkel said its paper coatings can be used on a variety of substrates and enable easy recycling and recovery of fibres to support a circular economy.

“At UPM Specialty Papers, we are working closely with innovative partners to create transformative solutions that reimagine the future of sustainable packaging,” commented Mika Uusikartano, senior manager, product portfolio management at UPM Specialty Papers. “Working alongside Henkel with a shared focus on creating sustainable alternatives, we have co-created a recyclable, heat-sealable packaging material that is compatible with existing packaging lines. By combining our respective expertise, we are jointly creating barrier paper structures and pushing their performance to an unsurpassed level of grease resistance, while providing converters with a tried and tested concept.”

“As the packaging industry and wider society work to take on urgent environmental challenges, it is essential that we collaborate across the value chain to rapidly deliver solutions. The solutions created with UPM – and successfully presented together at Interpack – embody this spirit of collaboration,” explained Christin Noack, market strategy manager Europe at Henkel. “The creation of packaging and processes to effectively combine paper with barrier and heat seal coatings, required close collaboration with our partners at UPM over a lengthy joint development process to identify and optimize the right fibre-based substrate and coatings combination. Together, we are enabling paper to achieve unmatched barrier performance while meeting the demand for more sustainable packaging. These paper innovations provide packaging manufacturers with turn-key solutions to significantly reduce their own development time when bringing new products to market and we were delighted to see this solution so well received by visitors to Interpack.”

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