Nutiani research emphasises the need for science-backed multifunctional nutrition products

Brands should create products that address multiple health conditions, supported by science-backed evidence.

This is the overwhelming conclusion from the third volume of Nutiani’s Global State of Health and Wellbeing report series, which delves into growing consumer understanding around the interplay of physical, mental, and inner wellbeing.

Global consumers are highly aware of the interconnectedness of health, and multifunctionality is the top health claim they are looking for in products (source: FMCG Gurus (February 2023). Consumer Perceptions on Health and Wellness)).

Charlotte Ortiz, global brand marketing manager of Nutiani, said the report confirms what Nutiani, Fonterra’s wellbeing nutrition brand, has been seeing in the field, such as at Vitafoods Europe 2023 – a global nutraceuticals event held earlier this month.

“Our research supports what our customers and industry experts are saying. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their understanding of how health issues are interconnected, and how concerns in one area of their physical, mental or inner health can have a ripple on effect on their overall wellbeing,” Ortiz said.

According to the IPSOS Nutiani Consumer Wellness Research, approximately nine in 10 believe that physical and mental wellbeing can impact other aspects of their health (IPSOS Nutiani. (August 2021). Consumer Wellness Research).

Relationships between the following areas are most well recognised:

  • Physical and mental wellbeing: Nearly half believe mental wellbeing affects their ability to control their weight and exercise regularly.
  • Mental and inner wellbeing: More than seven in 10 relate good digestive health to lower stress levels and better immune health.
  • Physical and inner wellbeing: Consumers strongly relate good physical wellbeing with better digestive, immune and skin health.

Ortiz said that by addressing interconnected health concerns through a single, multifunctional product, brands can stay a step ahead of the curve and capture emerging consumer demand for holistic health solutions, convenience and value-for-money – especially amid growing concerns around the rising cost of living.

“Supporting any health claims made about multifunctional benefits with rigorous, clinical evidence is also crucial in overcoming scepticism to build consumer confidence and establish credibility,” she said.

To effectively tap this opportunity, brands should not conflate the diverse needs and preferences of different consumer groups, Ortiz added. The IPSOS Nutiani Consumer Segmentation Research released earlier this year identified five distinct consumer segments – all with varying levels of awareness regarding interconnected health, which brands should keep in mind.

Nutiani’s latest report dives further into how brands can target diverse consumer groups with their multifunctional solutions, outlining key recommendations for brands looking to seize this opportunity. Read the report here.

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