Vegan cheese brand receives accolades at ICDA Awards

Green Vie Foods has achieved a remarkable feat at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards 2023 where the brand received a total of four prestigious awards across multiple categories.

The dedicated vegan cheese company is so proud of the accolades it said the win demonstrates the “tremendous progress” made in developing plant-based cheese alternatives that rival traditional dairy products and “pave the way for the burgeoning plant-based 2.0 market”.

One of their standout victories was in the ICDA Award for the ‘Best Cheese in Processed Cheese Section,’ where Green Vie was honoured as a trophy winner among dairy products and vegan products.

Drawing from their Greek heritage, Green Vie also clinched the Gold Winner title for Best Vegan Feta with their Greek Style variety, infused with Dried Oregano & Olive Oil.

Furthermore, two more Green Vie products were recognised with prestigious awards. Their Cheddar flavour slices were crowned as the Best Vegan Cheese Slices, while their Mozzarella style block emerged victorious as the Best Vegan Cheese for Pizza. Both products boast a flavour profile akin to traditional dairy cheese and offer a satisfying texture and mouthfeel, whether consumed, raw or cooked. Their melting capabilities make them ideal for cooking in plant-based diets and for individuals seeking to reduce their dairy consumption.

Expressing her excitement over the awards, Maria Palme, the managing director and founder of Green Vie Foods, said: “We are thrilled to receive these honours, as they validate our unwavering dedication to producing high-quality vegan cheese through meticulous craftsmanship. They also serve as a testament to our team’s hard work in enabling consumers worldwide to embrace a more sustainable way of life without compromising on taste.”

With availability in 20 countries and distribution in renowned UK retailer Marks & Spencer, Green Vie is set to showcase its offerings at the Plant-Based World Expo in the United States in September and in the United Kingdom in November 2023. The brand aims to replicate its successful export endeavours in the UK market during a significant expansion anticipated in 2023-24.

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