Swiss poultry manufacturer increases order-picking speed

Rockwell Automation and Swiss poultry specialist Kneuss Güggeli have worked together to save time, space and money with a new, custom-designed packaging system based on a two-level Rockwell Automation MagneMotion intelligent conveyor system.

Kneuss Güggeli is one of Switzerland’s leading poultry manufacturers and, working with material-handling specialist OEM Stöcklin, has implement a new space-efficient solution to improve labour productivity in the packaging, labelling, and sorting workflow by 15%. At the same time, order-picking speed has increased from 25 to 40 packages a minute.

“We needed to accelerate the order-picking process, and in a smaller space, without exposing our workers to hazards, such as the fast-moving machine parts or excessive noise levels,” explained an effusive Max Studer, lead engineer at Stöcklin. “It had to be Rockwell Automation MagneMotion. This is the only technology on the market that can do what we need it to do. It’s the only one that has the intelligence and the flexibility.”

With this technology, the industrial automation and digital transformation company said the customer can quickly start and stop loads without losing control, reduce bottlenecks and increase output.

“We’re extremely happy with the new system,” said Daniel Kneuss, CEO of Kneuss Güggeli. “It helps us to be more efficient, safer, and faster in fulfilling our customers’ orders. Working with Stöcklin and Rockwell Automation has been a great experience.

Having created a brand-new, custom system based on MagneMotion, Stöcklin now plans to adapt and market the product for other customers, in a range of industries. “MagneMotion is highly adaptable and configurable,” said Studer. “We expect to see high demand and uptake in many different types of businesses.”

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