Crosta & Mollica introduces new Italian Biscotti

Crosta & Mollica is expanding its range of bakery products with the launch of four new authentic Italian Biscotti.

The range includes Crunchy Amaretti, Soft Amaretti, Chocolate & Hazelnut Baci and Almond Cantucci, available to purchase now at Tesco, RRP from £2.95.

Dean Lavender, head of marketing at Crosta & Mollica notes that despite being a nation of tea drinkers, the coffee culture is currently thriving in the UK and consumers are increasingly discerning about how they enjoy their caffè moment.

“Be it first thing in the morning, as an afternoon treat or even the classic Italian post-dinner espresso – authenticity is a key player that consumers are considering, and with the new Crosta & Mollica Cantucci, Baci and Amaretti biscuits, every English household will be able to experience the essence of Italy in the comfort of their home,” Lavender says.

The Italian Biscotti range is exclusively made in Italy, as with all Crosta & Mollica products, following traditional, regional recipes. Crosta & Mollica directly translates to ‘crust & crumb’, reflecting the brand’s origin in the bakery sector 13 years ago, and now adds to its range of traditional Italian baked products with the launch the following biscuits:

  • Crunchy Amaretti 140g – often used as the base of many traditional Italian recipes, Crunchy Amaretti is made by bakers in the Ligurian town of Sassello and twice-baked for a sugary crunch. The signature bitter (“amaro”) taste is what gives the biscuit the name ‘Amaretti’. RRP from £2.95, 140g
  • Soft Amaretti 140g – these sweet, small cakes are an Italian classic, also made by bakers in Sassello. Their distinctive bittersweet flavour and marzipan-like centre come from the combination of ground apricot kernels and almonds. RRP from £2.95, 140g
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut Baci 140g – Baci (or ‘lady’s kisses’) are made up of two hazelnut biscuits kissed together with a creamy chocolate filling. True to tradition, Crosta & Mollica Baci are made with locally grown Piemonte hazelnuts. RRP from £3.15, 140g
  • Almond Cantucci 170g – baked until crisp and laden with almonds, the Almond Cantucci are made by a family-owned bakery outside Firenze and are undeniably the most popular Italian cookie. RRP from £2.95.

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