My Emissions empowers food and beverage industry to gauge and minimise carbon footprint

My Emissions, software to measure and reduce the environmental impact of food from the UK, has partnered with Ecologi, an all-in-one climate-action platform to enable food and beverage companies to understand the carbon impact of their products and dishes.

My Emissions evaluates products throughout the entire supply chain, encompassing farming, packaging, and transportation, enabling businesses to better understand and reduce their carbon footprint. Ecologi funds reforestation and climate solutions through a community marketplace, subscriptions, and e-commerce products, and most recently, supporting businesses on their net-zero journey through real-time carbon footprinting for business. By partnering with Ecologi, businesses can fund high quality climate action, carbon avoidance and removal credits on their path to net zero, alongside decarbonisation goals.

The collaboration creates reciprocal advantages: food and beverage companies within Ecologi’s 20,000 business customers can now utilise My Emissions for high quality carbon assessments, while My Emissions customers can gain access to Ecologi’s premium portfolio of climate action projects.

Commenting on the new partnership, Matthew Isaacs co-founder at My Emissions said the partnership with Ecologi is a bold step towards a more sustainable food future.

“By embracing our expertise in food sustainability, and leveraging Ecologi’s leadership in climate action, we are not only reducing the environmental impact of food for businesses but also helping them access high quality climate funding as part of their decarbonisation plans whilst inspiring others to take meaningful action. Together, we can create a positive ripple effect in the food and beverage sector.”

Steve Dickenson – senior commercial manager at Ecologi, said: “It’s paramount that businesses understand and calculate their carbon footprint and set emissions reduction goals in line with net-zero targets. All the while, recognising their impact by funding high-quality climate action to ensure that these businesses can be a compelling force for good in the fight against climate change.”

This year’s COP28 has seen the first dedicated day to the food industry; demonstrating the global importance of food production and the impact on climate change. The outcome of this gathering of global leaders should consider the fine balance between a growing human population and how to feed them with the enormous toll this takes on the planet and our climate. The UK food and drink industry is leading the way, with many businesses now seeking consultancy on how to make positive changes.

Companies working with My Emissions can employ a carbon label, functioning similarly to nutrition labels but concentrated on carbon emissions. On Monday 11th December, My Emissions presented a comprehensive report to Defra’s Food Data Transparency Partnership, detailing its discoveries from trials and pilots. This presentation plays a pivotal role in assisting Defra in establishing standardised eco-labelling practices for food and beverages in the UK.

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