UK’s premier plant-based cheese brand unveils enhanced recipe

Nearly five years after its original launch, one of the UK’s most popular multi-award-winning plant-based cheeses is relaunching with a new recipe.

Applewood Vegan, which launched in autumn 2019, will be hitting the shelves in supermarkets around the UK with a few tweaks to its originally hugely successful recipe that will improve the cheese’s texture so it will look and taste more like dairy cheese.

When Applewood Vegan launched five years ago, many consumers who follow a plant-based diet said that what stood Applewood Vegan apart from other plant-based cheeses is its meltability. It melted like dairy cheese, while many other vegan cheeses don’t.

So, the team at Applewood Vegan have taken the original recipe and made this multi-award-winning cheese more “dairy cheese” like with a creamier taste and texture.

Blind taste tests conducted by Wirral Sensory Services (taste testing conducted by Wirral Sensory Services October 2023) found that the new Applewood Vegan recipe was well received with taste testers saying that it was “much more like real cheese, had a nicer texture,” and “was more like real cheese, nicer texture lovely smoky taste and could be enjoyed alone or with food”.

Talking about the relaunch of Applewood Vegan with the new recipe, senior brand manager Ffion Davies said: “As we approach the fifth anniversary since the launch of Applewood Vegan, we decided it was time to take a look at the original recipe and see if we could tweak it a bit to make it even tastier and creamier than the original recipe.

“The blind taste tests proved that the new recipe was as well received as we had hoped it would be and we can’t wait to see the new Applewood Vegan out on shelves of all of the major supermarkets across the UK; we are really looking forward to hearing what people think about the new recipe.

“Applewood Vegan as a brand has won 15 awards since it launched in 2019, and I am hopeful that this new recipe will help us to win even more awards.”

The relaunched Applewood Vegan will be available to buy in block and slices format is available now Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and Morrisons.

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