The Sidemen and New World Foods launch Sides Strips

New World Foods, the healthy snacking company of Valeo Foods Group, has announced Sides, its first in a series of product collaborations with YouTube sensation the Sidemen.

The high-protein, low-calorie meat snacks come in three flavours; Buffalo Chicken, Chipotle Steak and Korean BBQ Steak – and are inspired by the Sidemen chicken shops (of the same name), which are rolling across the UK.

The Sides range is designed to build on the success and industry-leading expertise of New World Food’s Wild West Steak Strip ambient range, coupled with the large-scale appeal of the biggest YouTube creator group on the planet. The Sides meat snacks are a healthy snacking alternative designed to offer an alternative to the often high-calorie, high-sugar snacking category.

James Newitt, New World Foods CEO, noted that the launch of these first three flavours under the Sides brand is the culmination of over a year of hard work and effort from both teams.

“I’m delighted with what we’ve created,” Newitt said. “This marks the beginning of an expanding range of healthy snacking products that will excite new and old meat snacking consumers. I look forward to seeing how customers react to these brilliant products.”

The YouTube supergroup Sidemen (KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S) has a combined reach of over 150 million subscribers. The collective has moved into the FMCG space over the recent months, and the new Sides healthy snacking products are a cornerstone of the global growth strategy.

Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne commented: “We love seeing people enjoying freshly cooked fried chicken in our Sides restaurants, and this first step into retail for the brand is really exciting. By offering a healthy snacking product across the whole of the UK, more people can enjoy Sides products more often – and that’s what it’s all about for us.”

Robin Mehta, Sides CEO, said, “As well as our fresh, extra crispy chicken, Sides is loved for the flavour of our sauces. We’ve combined that flavour know-how with the market leading expertise of the Wild West Brand of New World Foods to create a meat snack range that’s second to none. We’re excited to see where this can go, both in the UK and internationally.”

Sides is promoting the key features as:

  • Flavour explosion: Sides comes in three irresistible flavours: Buffalo Chicken, Chipotle Steak and Korean BBQ Steak, with plenty of heat in each bite-sized piece.
  • Quality beef and chicken: New World Foods sources only the finest meat. From grass-fed beef to free-range chicken, every bite reflects our commitment to quality. All products are gluten-free and use Halal meat.
  • Snack anytime, anywhere: Whether you’re gaming, binge-watching, or on the move, Sidemen strips are the perfect companion. Slip them into your backpack, gym bag, or pocket for an instant flavour and protein boost.

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