Rum is a favoured tipple for Gen Zers

Latest data by leading drinks importer-distributor, Paragon Brands, has revealed Gen Z are driving a popularity surge of rum, with almost four in ten (38%) young adults drinking the spirit at least once a week.

This figure is nearly three times higher than the national average (13%) with one in seven rum-loving young adults drinking the spirit daily and almost one in four Gen Z now labelling rum as their favourite spirit (23%).

Once the preserve of pirates and sailors, the spirit is now a huge hit with young people, with Gen Z relishing the drink due to its taste (52%) and how it’s often affordable (28%).

The spirit is also appreciated for its versatility, as over a third of the nation (34%) drink rum due to the fact it collaborates well with a huge variety of mixers.

The survey of 2,000 respondents discovered that when drinking the spirit, 35% of Brits pair rum with cola, but more niche pairings can come in the form of rum and lime and soda (4%), ginger ale (4%) and even rum and milk (2%).

When it comes to a night out, almost half of Brits (48%) will choose rum and a mixer as their go-to drink, with this tipple being especially popular with millennials, as nearly seven in ten (67%) are opting for this beverage at a party.

The popularity surge can seen across the nation, as almost one in four Brits label rum as their favourite spirit (23%). The beverage’s popularity has grown to new levels, where it is now more popular than firm favourites whisky (13%) and gin (10%).

Interestingly, the spirit’s roots are still prevalent in young people’s minds, as four in ten Gen Z (40%) associate rum with pirates. Inspired by this, leading alcohol wholesaler, Paragon Brands, have announced a new rum celebrating the spirits’ unique heritage.

Paying tribute to Anne Bonny, a renowned female pirate who defied the norms of her era and chose a life of adventure, Paragon Brands have launched their latest rum Anne Bonny, named after the female pirate who wouldn’t let boundaries stop her.

The rum is a testament to her resilience. Made using rum from across the Caribbean Islands on which Anne Bonny once roamed, mixed with tropical fruit flavours and vanilla, Anne Bonny is a rum without boundaries.

Chris Jones, managing director of Paragon Brands, who distribute Anne Bonny in the UK, said: “Our report has shown a huge popularity surge in rum in the UK, especially in Gen Z, with nearly five million young adults consuming the spirit weekly, but the data shows that nationwide, rum is an extremely popular drink.

“The data shows that rum’s popularity is continuing to rise. Despite originating in the Caribbean and notoriously drank amongst pirates in the 1700s, the spirit still plays a big part in the nation’s drinking culture, and we believe it’s only going to get bigger.

“With the launch of Anne Bonny rum, we’re bringing a fresh new story and flavour to a nation of rum-lovers. Anne Bonny was one of the few female pirates in recorded history, so it’s only fitting that we honour her with a rum bursting with the same unique and tantalising flavour of Caribbean adventure.”

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