Willow Water is a wrinkle-buster, says new study

A natural spring water from the Lake District has been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in women aged 24-43 by an average of 24% in a ground-breaking study using objective measurements for the first time.

The eight-week study set out to investigate whether drinking water really is good for the skin, using a state of the art camera and software analysis system to measure the improvements objectively, rather than relying on human interpretation of the results.

Half of the 53 men and women who completed the study were asked to drink 1.5 litres of Lake District Willow Water a day, while the other half were given another leading premium brand of bottled water.

The Canfield VISIA camera and software system was used at the start and the end of the study to provide objective and repeatable facial skin evaluations.

The independent doctors analysing the results after eight weeks found an average 20% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles across the entire study. Significantly, in-depth statistical analysis showed that, among women in the key 24-43 age group, those drinking Willow Water saw an average 24% reduction in wrinkles. Those drinking the placebo water saw a reduction of 19%.

Dr Thornton MacCallum, of Cotswold Medical Aesthetic, was the principal clinical investigator on the study, which was commissioned by Willow Water.

“It’s clear from the VISIA data that regularly drinking water can promote more youthful looking skin and can improve the skin’s appearance, particularly in the case of wrinkles,” he says. “The trial was double-blind and placebo-controlled and the state-of-the-art VISIA complexion analysis system provided very clear readings before and after the water consumption took place. The ability of the software to analyse people’s skin and, in the case of wrinkles, their length, depth and quantity was a key element of the trial. The results certainly merit further exploration.”

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