Galvanised Steel Spill Pallets

Empteezy is the home of quality engineered spill containment and spill control products. Its products are tailored to meet the requirements of a variety of different working environments and the company manufactures in excess of 70% of the products available in its portfolio in its own factories. This makes Empteezy well placed to provide customers with expert advice on how it can help them meet UK, EU and International standards relating to spill containment and spill control of most liquids.

It goes without saying that customers’ storage containers (bunded stores, spill pallets etc…) must be designed with environmental protection in mind.

For most applications these days, a polyethylene spill pallet is the product of choice but what about when there are compatibility issues with “plastic”, or when companies need a more robust product due to heat or because the pallet has to constantly be loaded and unloaded?

Empteezy’s range of fully galvanised steel, drum and IBC spill pallets provide the solution.

Manufactured from 2mm structural grade galvanised steel, these spill pallets are as one would expect: fully compliant with all current UK regulations in relation to sump capacities (not less than 110% of the largest container’s storage capacity or 25% of their aggregate storage capacity, whichever is the greater) and are fitted with galvanised legs to make movement/positioning by pallet truck or fork lift truck easy. This ensures the underside of the sump doesn’t come into contact the ground.

GSP2D for 2 x 205ltr drums

GSP4D for 4 x 205ltr drums

GSP1IBC for 1 x 1000ltr IBC

GSP2IBC for 2 x 1000ltr IBC or 8 x 205ltr drums

Find out more on Empteezy’s website or search “Empteezy steel”.

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