Fortress Technology & Sparc Systems

Fortress Technology & Sparc Systems

Sparc Systems designs and builds advanced high specification checkweighers, x-ray, metal detection and label inspection systems for European and international high-risk food, packaging, and pharmaceutical companies. Built in Britain, for over 40 years, Sparc engineers have pushed the boundaries of innovation, delivering integrated world-class inspection systems that increase business productivity, reduce product giveaway, and eliminate contaminants from the supply chain with pinpoint accuracy. Designed to ensure full compliance with retailer Codes of Practice, all Sparc inspection units offer the flexibility of fully upgradable technology and dynamic data extraction to support real-time traceability.

For close to two decades, Sparc collaborated with Fortress Technology Europe Ltd customising bespoke solutions. The two companies entered into a more formal partnership in 2019, merging their Malven-based R&D to launch a range of fully supported, fail-safe global combination inspection systems.

Fortress Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately-owned Toronto based Fortress Technology Inc. Putting consumer safety first Fortress is trusted by thousands of domestic and global manufacturers to design, build, install and maintain inspection equipment that deliver exactly what they promise. From food to FMCG; pharmaceutical to bulk; SMEs to listed companies; metal detectors to checkweighers; x-ray to combination systems; Fortress inspection systems are renowned for their speed, accuracy, and simple operation. All designed to catch contaminants, slash waste, spot product defects, comply with weights legislation and reduce production downtime.

Fully customisable, for 20+ years the company has offered the Fortress Never Obsolete guarantee. Ensuring future sustainability and compliance with HACCP and Codes of Practice. This guarantee now extends across all new combination, x-ray and checkweighing systems.

Earlier this year, Fortress Technology, in collaboration with Sparc Systems, unveiled its first ever modular, high performance combination metal detector and checkweighing conveyor system. Featuring a single swipe touchscreen HMI and paperless audit software with unlimited pre-programmed Codes of Practice, the robust Raptor captures all the data required to guarantee absolute traceability.

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