Pink is the new white

Since September last year, when Barry Callebaut revealed ‘ruby’ – the fourth type in chocolate next to dark, milk and white, and 80 years after the introduction of the latter – we have been wondering how manufacturers will incorporate the new offering into their products.


“Hopefully health claims will be banned and the marketeers banished from the industry”

In 2011, Andrew Tickle couldn’t decide what to do with a grass field. With little crop growing experience and very limited knowledge of specialist products, he stumbled upon aronia berries and his business Tickleberries was born. The first grower in England to establish a commercial aronia berry plantation, here, he explains why the banks are the ones to watch post Brexit.

Out and about

Summer is over and ‘silly season’ is upon us. After the calm of the June-August period, September quickly rolls around and diaries are full of exhibitions, conferences and meetings once again. Indeed, I’m starting to forget what the office looks like.

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