Crunchy Bites storm the snacks aisle

This month sees snacking brand Mindful Bites launch its new Crunchy Bites snacks.

According to the brand, Crunchy Bites combine creamy vegan nut butters with crunchy gluten-free wafer.

Flavours include: Brazil Nuts & Cacao Crunchy Bites, Hazelnut & Berries Crunchy Bites, Almond & Maca Crunchy Bites and Cashew & Baobab Crunch Bites.

Inspired by mindfulness and the effect it has on our behaviour, Mindful Bites has used recent behavioural and scientific research to create a new type of snack. With its blend of nuts and superfoods, teamed with its eco- friendly packaging free of plastic or toxic materials, the brand hopes to bring innovation to the health food category.

The textures of the products are designed to slow down the rate in which consumers eat, encouraging them to become more aware of their snacking habits.

Stephanie Peritore, founder of Mindful Bites, says, “We offer consumers a healthier and kinder way to snack. Our belief is that snacking has been tarnished with the ‘bad brush’, but in fact if you are careful and select the right kind of snacks, that are better for you and ethically sourced, then this can have positive outcomes. We do this with Mindful Bites.”

All Mindful Bites products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, high in plant-based protein, fibre rich, free from added sugar or sweeteners, made without palm oil and created with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

Crunchy Bites are available in shelf-ready display cases of 24 and multipacks of five (RRP of £1.79).

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