Survey reveals demand for natural, home-made tasting food

Global life sciences company DSM has published results of a consumer survey revealing that urban consumers buying pre-prepared foods are seeking fresh, natural flavours and dishes that taste as though they could be home cooked. The survey results from 5,000 urban consumers in countries as diverse as the US, Brazil, China, Poland and Nigeria are […]


Cleaned-up labels: fad or future?

In the upcoming issue of Food & Drink Technology, we include a focus on natural ingredients, and explore the notion that consumers are unwilling to accept sensory disadvantages in order to benefit from lower calorie content – and that consumers want healthier, more wholesome snacks with cleaned-up labels and all-natural ingredients. This line of thinking […]

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Red meat processing deemed unsustainable

With ‘horsegate’ continuing to attract significant column inches – with this week’s news that two arrests have been made in conjunction with the scandal – combined with a growing suspicion that ‘porkgate’ might be on the horizon, a warning made by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) regarding red meat processing will do little to calm the […]

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Cultural awareness the key to success (and failure)

HSBC has run a ‘local knowledge’ campaign for years and years – highlighting the importance of cultural awareness when taking business ventures overseas – yet it seems the message still isn’t getting through to some major businesses; not least Tesco, which recently found out the hard way that a successful operation in one country doesn’t […]

Task force seeks to boost food economy via collaboration

Earlier this week, we tweeted the news that Justin King of Sainsbury’s & Professor Quintin McKellar of the University of Hertfordshire have been selected to co-chair the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) Food Economy Task Force. To expand on this intriguing development, it’s worth noting that the task force has come about as […]

Online system to overcome waste management?

With an ever-increasing array of concepts being put forth in a bid to tackle the issue of waste management, a new online management system has seemingly gained strong approval from large and medium-sized food and drink businesses. In a recent survey, 67% of large or medium-sized food and drink companies who were questioned said they […]

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Planned food engineering centre will help skills gap

Earlier this week, news broke regarding a funding boost for the planned National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering – a move that was more than welcomed by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), which this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has granted Sheffield Hallam University […]


Discount retailers to thrive, even after recession

The recession has made a huge impact on consumer shopping habits, not least in grocery retail – evidenced by the fact that just under half (46%) of all shoppers now use discount retailers such as Aldi, Lidl and high-street pound shops. However, findings this week suggest that is by no means a short-term trend, and […]


Space technology launches food detection system

Earlier this week I learned that the UK Technology Strategy Board is currently running its Space Launchpad initiative – a competition rewarding innovative early stage companies with funding to help harness space technologies for their innovative designs. Amongst the 11 companies chosen was Intersight, which has come up with an innovative concept of using space […]

Eat, drink and be wary

Last week, Food & Drink Technology reported that the UK Department of Health has introduced a new ‘traffic light’ food labelling system – a concept over a decade in the making. Early indications seemed positive, with the idea seemingly receiving universal approval; however, by virtue of some major players resisting participation, it’s become apparent that […]

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Food waste now accepted, but who’s to blame?

The issue of wasted food continues to receive significant column inches in the mainstream press, with the consumer generally considered the guilty party for having an eye too big for his belly. But is this really the case? Or is something else to blame? According to recent research by food freshness technology company It’sFresh, it’s […]


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