Effluent treatment system

R&R Ice Cream has completed a four year, £25 million investment programme at its Leeming Bar factory in North Yorkshire, UK, which includes an on site effluent treatment system, designed, built and commissioned by filtration specialist Axium Process.

The investment programme helped R&R increase its production capability at the site by more than 20 per cent and meant that the capacity of Axium’s on site effluent treatment plant had to be increased from 600,000 litres to 1.5 million litres per day.

The effluent treatment plant was expanded with very little disruption to R&R’s daily production and uses primarily both ultrafiltration (UF) and double pass reverse osmosis (RO) separating technology.

The superior quality conditioned raw effluent is now passed through the four UF skids, with the UF permeate passed through a pair of double stage, double pass ROs to recycle 90 per cent of the effluent received to clean water for reuse back in the factory. The 10 per cent concentrated waste from the UF/RO batch process is retained and transported to an anaerobic digester where it is used to produce bio methane.

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