Tray sealer is a revolution for packing site

A recent installation of Packaging Automation’s Revolution tray sealer at UK-based packing site Valefresh – which handles storage, ripening, packing and distribution of fruit and vegetables to supermarkets – has improved efficiencies and reduced costs of its grape tray sealing line. 

The Revolution single lane tray sealing machine features Packaging Automation’s Powerdrive fully electric technology. Interpolated multi axis robotic motion ensures a continuous flow of trays through the machine from infeed to outfeed, eliminating any need for pauses or buffering and allowing the throughput of up to 150 packs per minute.

The seal force has been increased by 300 per cent compared to pneumatic systems, however, the technology allows the tool lift mechanism to be deactivated during the seal process, therefore significantly reducing the energy usage.

Paul Gardner, production manager at Valefresh, says, “The Revolution ticks all the boxes; it’s flexible with a small footprint and we’ve had no downtime to date. The continuous flow of product allows us to run more effectively; the simple loading and unloading of tooling and films is very quick, reducing further downtime. The hygienic nature and access design of the machine helps us with the clean downs and simple operator maintenance.”

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