New Dutch beef contaminated with horse meat

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has seized meat from a slaughterhouse in Gelderland in a preventive block. During a criminal investigation by the Intelligence and Investigation Service (IOD), horse DNA was found in four batches of beef scraps from the slaughterhouse. All consignments of meat (over 690 tons) that the slaughterhouse […]

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Bruker releases application note for analysis of sulfonamides in honey

Bruker has released an application note detailing a simple, fast and robust method developed for the quantitation of sulfonamides in honey, using Bruker’s EVOQ Elite triple quadruple liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS). Sulfonamides are a group of broad spectrum antibacterial drugs, used to prevent and treat bacterial growth in honey products. Residues of sulfonamides are […]

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Croda’s Incromega range granted IFOS 5-star certification

Incromega brand manufacturer Croda has become the first supplier of omega-3 fish oil concentrates to attain the prestigious IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) 5-Star Supplier Certification. The IFOS Program is a voluntary third party testing and certification program for omega-3 fish oil products that sets the industry ‘gold standard’ for fish oil safety, purity and […]

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IFEU life-cycle assessment compares impacts of long-life food packaging

In a life-cycle assessment carried out by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), the environmental impacts of the main long-life food packaging solutions in current use have been compared. The results compared to food metal cans, glass jars, retortable pouches and plastic pots, the carton pack has the best environmental performance. Compared to […]

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FSA welcomes Elliott horsemeat report

The UK’s National Farmers Union has issued a guarded response to the interim Elliott report into the horsemeat scandal that hit the British food industry early in 2013.   “It is right that action is being taken to ensure that meat labelled as British is British and has all the high standards associated with British […]

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Food scares are merely tip of the iceberg

Product recalls and other food safety incidents reported to and by the Food Standards Agency are merely the tip of the iceberg, according to research performed by Trace One. While the general public is only aware of food recalls that affect major retailers or have wide-reaching consequences (such as the 2013 horse meat crisis), the […]

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Resources for ready meal manufacturers

Mettler-Toledo, a global provider of precision instruments and services for professional use, has developed a range of papers and resources to assist ready meal manufacturers. The guides detail how manufacturers can enhance productivity and maintain regulatory compliance in convenience food manufacturing. They provide real examples that are designed to increase productivity and product quality in […]

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WakeUp drink wins innovation award

Israeli start-up Inno-Bev’s WakeUp drink was awarded the ‘best functional drink’ in its category during the beverage innovation awards at last week’s Drinktec exhibition. WakeUp was recognised for its ability to naturally help employees during work hours. Following four years of research – including three rigorous clinical studies and successful local sales to multi-national high-tech […]

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