PET jar for hot fill and pasteurisation

Packaging innovations specialist APPE has launched a PET jar capable of hot-fill and/or pasteurisation up to 95oC. The new ThermaLite jar is the result of the company’s strategic partnership with Nissei ASB (Europe) and offers food manufacturers and retailers a variety of convenience and sustainability benefits over more traditional packaging formats (such as glass). APPE […]

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Metal detector head now with Atex21 certification

The IQ³ metal detector head from Loma Systems is now available with Atex21 certification, providing in-processing metal detection in areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. Explosive hazards can be found in many areas of the food industry. Milling plants, bakeries, snack factories and powder processing units all contain airborne dust from materials such as […]

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Enhanced metal detection software for food manufacturers

To enable a growing number of food manufacturers to boost the flexibility of their processing lines, Mettler-Toledo Safeline Metal Detection has advanced the software of its Profile metal detection systems. The new software improves detection sensitivity in wet and dry food products and, with Profile metal detectors’ existing Product Clustering feature, it simplifies product changeovers, […]


Flexible packaging with re-sealable sliders

Tyler Packaging, a specialist supplier of flexible packaging for both human food and pet food products, has unveiled its latest re-sealable sliders, suitable for a wide array of convenience packaging needs. The packaging comes with a patented Slide-Rite feature that gives the consumer ease of use. Adam Kay, sales and technical director at Tyler Packaging, […]

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Multilayer pot for multiple uses

A new 250ml multilayer pot from RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz is delivering convenience, safety and extended shelf life for a variety of food products from Dutch manufacturer Van der Kroon Food Products. The plastic jar and lid offer numerous benefits that make it ideal for many different products such as sauces, dips, fish and meat. Its […]

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Butcher opts for wireless safety monitoring

Catering and retail butcher Bay Provisions has installed a Checkit wireless food safety monitoring system from Elektron Technology to replace manual temperature measurements. Checkit fixed sensors monitor the temperature of walk-in chillers, display freezers and other cold storage units, while a handheld unit is used to check the temperature of goods-in and log daily cleaning […]

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Can alternative offers extended shelf life

RPC Containers Corby has launched a modern plastic alternative to the traditional tin can.  The new 380ml Apollo container combines extended ambient shelf life with all the established lightweight, easy handling and safety benefits of plastics and also offers the convenience of re-closing. The high barrier Apollo features a PP/EVOH/PP multilayer structure for the effective […]

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Hygienic zoning app for food production environments

Vikan, a provider of cleaning tools, has introduced a Hygienic Zone Planner, a visual self-auditing tool and checklist for managing HACCP-compliant segregated food production environments. Populating this new app with specific constraints and requirements during a site visit by Vikan’s team produces a visual picture of the factory divided into distinct zones and promptly provides […]

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New optical sorter for challenging food processing applications

The Bühler Group, a provider of optical sorting solutions, has introduced the Sortex A MultiVision, an advanced high-capacity optical sorter designed for challenging food processing applications. Equipped with custom-designed Multivision camera technology, it is designed to deliver exceptional yield through superior defect and foreign material detection. It functions in the most difficult of dry commodity […]

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EU votes to ban ‘burnt, nutty’ flavour substance

The European Commission and European Union member states have this week declared that the flavouring substance 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylthiophene should be banned. ‘The flavouring substance 3-acetyl-2,5-dimethylthiophene is genotoxic (that is, it can damage DNA, the genetic material of cells) and therefore a safety concern for human health. Genotoxic substances should not be intentionally added to the food […]


Peanut allergy study ‘first of its kind’

A clinical study commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) hopes to identify, for the first time, how sensitivity to peanut is altered by external factors including exercise and stress. Peanut allergies affect 200,000 to 400,000 people, and approximately 1 in 50 children in the UK. The three-year TRACE study will be led by Dr […]

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Strategic alliance offers support from ‘seed to shelf’

In the wake of ever-closer integration of farming and food manufacturing, science-based organisations Campden BRI and CABI have developed a strategic alliance to provide technical support from ‘seed to shelf’. The alliance is designed to benefit small, medium and larger companies, as well as initiatives from government and NGOs aimed at supporting food production. “The […]

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